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(Saturday 19 June 2010) by Katie and Tina on the Run!
We moved over to the hotel that Tina and her family stayed in when they were in Copacabana ten years ago! Tina had a great time running down memory lane remembering the hammocks she and her sister played in, and the hotel restaurant that served pancakes and ice cream for breakfast!
The hotel was beautiful and we felt so lucky to have found it.

Copacabana is a colorful town with lots of happy people and places and views. Super relaxing and just what we needed before the craziness of our next destination, La Paz.

Our first full day in Copa we started the 30 minute hike up the hill that looks over the town and lake Titicaca, but about halfway up we were looking up a steep staircase of about twelve million stairs and our knees started screaming ¨no! don´t do it!¨knowing they´d have to make the trek back down, so we opted for the halfway view of the lake which was no less stunning.

After wobbling down we headed out of town wandering through the countryside and the farms outside of Copa. We saw a lot of people picking potatoes. A lot of potatoes.
We have no idea how on earth all the potatoes here ever get eaten.

Sat for a while and watched a country neighborhood soccer game and laughed at the crazy amount of people just takin their bulls out for a walk.

Spent the night in at the hotel watching a movie with some other travelers because we had an early morning coming up...

Since we have decided we generally are not a fan of tours, we knew that we wanted to adventure the Isle del Sol (biggest island on Lake Titicaca, sight of Inca creation story) on our own. So we headed to the docks early to find a boat going out. Drove two and a half hours to the north end of the island where we quickly ran (litterally) away from the other people on our boat so as not to be stuck in a tour or mass group of gringos for the entire hike!
It´s a 3-4 hour hike to the south end of the island, walking along the ridgeline with views of the beautiful lake, the glacial mountains in the distance, and the quaint towns and townpeople all along the way.
We, of course, managed to get lost and ended up making our own trail for about 45 minutes before we found the right one again and realized how far out of our way we had gone! We would.
Because we are amazon peole with giant legs, the walk only took us 3 hours even with our long detour so we had some time before we needed to catch the boat and sat on a hill overlooking the lake and ate our typical lunch while the kids who had just gotten out of school stared at us and giggled while they walked past.
Apparently gringos are very funny looking when you live on an island in the middle of nowhere.

When we got home we had the brilliant plan of making our own dinner in the hostel kitchen for the first time.
It was a bad plan.
We attempted stirfry but the soy sauce in Bolivia is not what we are used to and something went terribly wrong with the rice so we mostly had mushy funny tasting salty-ish stuff.
But we did make friends with a lovely German couple so we laughed a lot through our gross meal.

The next day we caught a afternoon bus to La Paz (getting the bus was an interesting situation, we basically went to the center of town where there wer ten different guys yelling ¨BUS A LA PAZ A LA PAZ A LA PAZ!¨and you have to bargain with them and figure out which bus you will actually have a seat on!

After three hours on the bus where we were trying to figure out how this huge city was built into the mountains, when there were no mountains anywhere around us, suddenly we came to a cliff and then everywhere in sight, for 1000 down into a canyon was nothing but busy bustling city.
W had decided we wanted a little craziness in our trip so we were headed to one of the knows party hostels called Wild Rover. We booked in for two nights but quickly realized what we already knew, party hostels are not our jam.
Drunken people walking you up at all hours of the night.

Just spent the next day exploring La Paz, and though it is a spectacular sight, we are very ready to leave It´s a big city just like any big city back home, except here the cars are all from the 80´s and have no emission standards, so you basically just feel like you´re choking on pollution all day long. Yuck.
and to add to the yuck, w wandered through the witches market where one can buy all types of potion or poison for whatever you are well as dried up llama fetusus to bury under your house for good luck.
go ahead and check out the picture of those...

When we left Wild Rover we just picked a hostel out of our not so trusty guidebook and had a taxi deliver us there. Much to our dismay, we probably should have stayed at the party. Our new plave had bedspreads from before our grandparents time and the bathroom was in even worse shape. Thank god for sleeping bags, they´re like your own little oasis in an otherwise room of funk.
We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are with the life we were given.

We did splurge a little at dinner that night though (as in we spent 8 dollars a piece instead of the usual 3..) because we found the most wonderful thai restaurant that had all the creature comforts of home (you know, like the waiter being nice to you, the water being cold...the food actually tasting good...) The meal was so good we feel completely revivied from our month´s worth of ick.

Spent all day yeserday running around and breathing poison air looking for the office for booking airline tickets because....


We had thought we would skip it, but after hearing from so many people that it was the highlight of their trep, we just have to go. So we opted out of the 20 hour certain death bus ride and have a flight to Rurrenbaque this afternoon that will take a mere 45 minutes to be in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon.
Tonight we´re sleeping with pirannahs and tarantulas and 3 inch long cockroaches! Be jealous!

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