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lukewarm beers, terrible vegans and necessary lies....

(Monday 14 June 2010) by Katie and Tina on the Run!
Well... we have learned yet another valuable bus lesson...
...when you take a night bus that is not on the fancy tourist first class bus..
bring a sleeping bag on the bus.
we became human isicles on the way from Arequipa to Puno, it was a six hour drive and all our half dreams were of the north pole.
Checked into our hostel and passed out for a few hours before heading out on the town. Puno is the city on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca (the highest lake in the world), so we had to figure out what our island hopping plans would be. Wandered around the streets in vaguely the direction of the giant body of water and quickly realized that we musn4t listen to what anyone else tells us ever because wi4d heard not awesome things about the city but we fell in love right away!
Tina has been dying to eat some ceviche, but it had been too expensive everywhere we went..wandering down a locals street market we stumbled upon a cart lady that sold the most delicious ceviche Tina has ever eaten for a mere 3 soles (1 dollar)!! It was already kicking off to be a great day.

Finally made our way to the water and booked a tour for the next day with a sweet little fisherman guy, and then decided that a paddle boat trip was in order!

We went to the market on the beach and asked for cervesas, when the guys started just getting them off the shelf we asked if he has frio (cold) cervesas and he was like
oh! yes of course!
then he grabbed two beers off the ground.
clearly the beer on the ground is cold and the beer on the shelf is not.

met the happiest little lady running the paddle boats and we hopped in a giant yellow swan for 2.5 soles (less than a dollar) for a half hour. Paddle boating is tiresome work ad we were quite grateful for our oh so cold beers.
our love swan
our love swan

We4ve ventured into the world of eating all the fresh vegetables from the markets (shhh..don4t tell tina4s dad..) it4s been three weeks and no parasites have jumped through our chests so we think we might be in the clear! Our new plan of cheap eating involves the pancakes the hostel serves us for breakfast, then a lunch of saltine crackers, avocado, onion, tomato and salt...then for dinner we can eat whatever the hell we want because we only spent 2 dollars on food all day! and that probably included ice cream!

sorry vegan friends...we have definitely splurged.

We had to wake up at 545 the next morning to get out for our trip to the islands. About a half hour off the coast is a group of floating islands made by the Uros people who colonized there in the 14004s. They build their islands out of the river reeds growing in the lake. Though visiting them was definitely very touristy, seeing the way they live and how they build the islands (if you decide you no longer like your neighbor, you just cut around your house and float to a different island!) and the things they can make out of the reeds was truly incredible.
EVERYTHING made from reeds
EVERYTHING made from reeds

After that our tour (we are quickly realizing we are not really tour people. we kinda just do what we want!) went to the island Taquile whick is one of the largest natural islands on the lake. About 2000 people live was colonized in 200bc and they still use the farming metjods they used back then! overall the island was underwhelming for us, but the views of the lake were spectacular.

Woke up early this morning and headed out to Copacobana, finally making our jump into Bolivia! We took a bus to the border and then had to fork over $140 dollars for a visa because Bolivia hates America (probably with good reason, but still..) We had met three guys from Georgia on the bus that we thought we really liked, but unfortunately, after agreeing to walk the 10 kilometers to Copacabana with them (ah the things we do to have friends) we realized we in fact greatly disliked them and had to think fast to come up with a lie as to why we were going to hop in the next taxi that drove by! (i told them i started my period so we absolutely had to rush to the town!!)

Copacabana is beautiful and colorful and the best part so far is that we found the hotel Tina and her family stayed in more than ten years ago and we are staying there tomorrow night!

more to come... check out the gallery..

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