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zip lines, hypothermia and chicago....

(Thursday 3 June 2010) by Katie and Tina on the Run!
Catching up---
Terribly sorry for the long dely in blog posts, but we are catching up now with two different entries because we couldn't possibly let our inca trail trek share screen space with anything else...

We went white water rafting last tuesday with a company called Mayuk. If you ever come to Peru we highly highly suggest them. Rode out north of Cusco in a bus with twenty something other people to the Urubamba River.
We'd been here a week and had been blessed with beautiful warm weather everyday.
Not this day.

Got all situated in our wet suits (lookin' good) and our helmets (lookin real good) and jumped into boats with six people and one guide.
Got a quick tuitorial of commands and safety and what to do if/when someone falls out and we were off down some class 2/3 rapids.
the water was cold. very very cold.
But for a normal person the adrenaline of the rapids was enough to power you through and have a great time.
Tina is not a normal person.
About a half hour into our two hour adventure her feet were white and she couldn;t feel a thing. At one point our guide yelled at her for not hanging onto her paddle...the funniest part was that she didn't realize it wasn't in her hand!

At one point we stopped to take a group photo in the boat and mid pose our guide thought it would be very funny to flip us over.
We did not find this very funny.
I nearly drowned under the boat and tina may or may not have sent her hands and feet sailing down the river without her.
After that we had an emergency change of her clothes and an attempt at a quick paddle back to camp where tina had to be carried off the boat to the sauna because she couldn't feel her feet our guide who's name we do not even know spent the next hour dedicating his life to relieveing tina of her potential hypothermia. At one point he even put her toes in his mouth to warm them up (i didn't mention to him that she has warts!) then he went in the shower with her and rubbed her down until she could stand on her own and she slowly but surely regained life.
After that we drank a beer and they let tina do the zip line for free ;-)
All in all, I had a great time.
And tina had such a shit time she wouldn't even let me buy the pictures because she wants no photo proof of her terrible day.

Took a day off for recovery and then thursday it was off to a little town in the sacred valley called Pisac.
We went with the intention of doing this amazing hike we'd heard about, but when we got there we found out it costs 40 soles (13 dollars) and being from colorado we couldn't possibly justify paying to hike!
So instead we wandered around the open air market and bought ourselves jewelery!
tina in pisac
tina in pisac
our good friends rich and michael
our good friends rich and michael
katie in pisac
katie in pisac

Spent the night with good friends we've made at a local bar called The Lost City (in reference to chicago, not machu piccu!) owned my an ex-pat named michael and manned by a peruvian named rich. Beer and laughter and the NBA sent us off on our last real night before the Inca Trail.....

  • SUPERSTARS!!! by Aunt Kathleen
  • Socks by Katie Dad

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