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beautiful views, crash landings and mojitos...

(Tuesday 25 May 2010) by Katie and Tina on the Run!

yesterday the wind was in our favor.
maybe a little too much on katie's turn, but we'll talk about that in a minute.
drove the hour back out into the sacred valley with two lovely fifty something british folks who decided to spend their life savings traveling around the world for a year.
we can't wait to be them ;-)

got out to the mountain off which to jump and the wind was going the same bad direction as the day before. we got nervous we wouldn't be able to go again, but instead drove to another mountain and waited only a little while for the wind to find us.
the sacred valley and tina's sweet leggings
the sacred valley and tina's sweet leggings

though the lightest person is supposed to go first (which would be tina), someone whom we will not name, pressured katie into going first (tina)
because katie is a brave and valiant soldier, she agreed.
after getting strapped into a banana chair and getting only slightly terrified to run full speed down a mountain and off a cliff, the wind picked up with serious force... bum bum bum
that little man is responsible for my life?!
that little man is responsible for my life?!

takeoff was a little rough and we got dragged on the ground by the parachute, but got up pretty quickly and the view and the adrenaline were spectacular. usually they land in the bottom of the valley, 5000 feet below, but we think our guide edgar was feeling a little brave yesterday and he decided to land right on top of the mountain where we took off.
bad plan.
muy muy wind at the top of the mountain and right when our backsides were seated on the dirt, the wind blew a mighty gust and the parachute dragged us some fifty feet across the mountain and almost off the cliff on the other side.
but so worth it.
bruised. whiplashed. and sore today, katie would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
katie crash landing and nearly falling off the other side of the
katie crash landing and nearly falling off the other side of the

---katie getting dragged

tina's takeoff and landing were supurb and though her fear of heights even beats her fear of spiders, she fell in love with flying.
tina taking off!
tina taking off!

we can't wait to go again!
katie is attached to the red parachute! so so high!
katie is attached to the red parachute! so so high!
tina decending into the valley
tina decending into the valley

today we hiked around the hills and forest ourside of town and layed in the grass a lot.
so much hiking at this altitude has knocked us down!
drank some of the best mojitos we've ever had and are now getting pumped up for our river rafting adventure tomorrow!
cross your fingers no crash landings!!

post script--- we are finally figuring out how to work this blog of ours and insert pictures into the journal, but there are more in our gallery too!

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