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dead pigs, sexy women and near death experiences....

(Sunday 23 May 2010) by Katie and Tina on the Run!
four days and it feels like home!
okay okay....
yesterday morning...met our weird belgian friend and she took us to a CRAZY local food maket. it´s basically the whole foods of peru. except we wouldn´t shop thee nearly as often because there are too many flies.
we went to a juice bar where you can pick out your own fruit and they will make you a huge amount of delicious fresh fruit juice for only one dollar.
come on jamba.
get with the program.
unfortunately the maket also had whole pigs splayed out on a hot table with no refridgeration for all the world to see. yuck yuck yuck. (see picures)
if we weren´t vegetarian lifers befoe, we surely are now.

after the horrifying display of carcas, we thought it would be an excellent idea to hike up about twelv million stairs, to no particular destination.
when we were about to die of an athsma attack, we stumbled into an enormoud jesus. so we were saved. (see pictures)
prayed fo a while looking over the city, before stumbling down the hill and accidentally running into one of the inca ruins...sachcahwanananananhmmmanana.
not sure how to say or spell it, we just remmbe it by ¨sexy woman¨because that´s what the name sounds like ;-)
(of course the lesbians would...)
but it costs 40 soles (12 dollas) to get in, which is too much. so we´re going back at six in the morning on monday to snak in before there are guards.
muah ha ha.

see pictures of the mario big world size corn we found on our way down.

spent the night talking to an awesome irish guy about how we we probably going to die paragliding today...

well folks...we didn´t die.
this may be because w didn´t actually gt to go, but i think w should also commend tina for not tripping off the cliff! (falling seems to be tina´s favorite peruvian pasttime)
but we did spend three hours waiting for the wind to change and staring off a cliff at some of the most beautiful scenery we´ve ever seen. pictures to come.

we didn´t chicken out! the wind was bad so we can all give a big ound of applaus to our guide edgar for not being one of the slezy companies who would have taken us anyway.
don´t wory. we´re giving it another go bright and early tomorow.

got back into town and continued our tradition of walking way too much and on our wandering way actually managed to stumble across an horendous but awesome outdoor league of horrible peruvian basketball. the whole communtity was there eating popcorn and supporting the players because they don´t know any bette (they´ve never seen tina play) we took some good photos, though i don´t think the complte lack of skill quite comes across.

visited the cheap market again whee tina bought the jacket of her dreams. nd old school adidas track jacket for the equivalent of eight dollars. would probably be eighty dollars back home. (see pictures)
where it was stolen from...we didn´t ask...

celebrated tina´s birthday with an excellent glass of wine and now it´s off to dinner and then drinks with the crazy irishman!

say some prayers for us and the good wind tomorrow!

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