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chili peppers, dead dogs and the NBA....

(Friday 21 May 2010) by Katie and Tina on the Run!
Two day here aleady feels like weeks! We´ve seen sooooo much already..
Recap bginning from last night-----

Tina decided eating a chili pepper that she thought was a miniature bell pepper (since those exist!) that came on our dinner plate was an excellnt idea.
about twenty seconds later she quickly realized it was not.
her face lost color. she thought she was going to throw up or black out or both.
and all the while katie just laughed from across the table!

we wandered around attempting to find an intresting place to imbibe some adult beverages, and, of course, managed to find the only bar in all of Peru broadcasting the NBA game.
tina would.
spent the night watching the suns get beat and talking with an ex pat from milwaukee about life in peru.

this morning tina knocked her head on the doorways twice in a row and cried, while proclaiming that we can no longe live there, so we will be looking for a new free place to stay, (do they have craigslist in cusco?!)
today we decided the theme was ´get lost´´ so we spent it wandering around the streets of the city up hills and down alleys and a coupl of times possibly through someone´s backyard, we´re not really sure! we climbed up a mountain in hopes of finding jungle people, instead we found a soccer field in the middle of a mountain and a herd of alpacas. Got stuck on the hill and had to take indeciferable directions from n ancient woman who guided us down from the road below!

next, katie had the brilliant idea of climbing into an old and very very abandoned house. we maveled at the rubble and the incredible amount of flies before stumbling upon the carcas of a very dead dog.

we retreated quickly and utilized our hand sanitizer.

walked and walked and walked and climbed and climbed and walked some more.
these people do not mess around with their hills.

a belgian friend we met yesterday took us to an enormous locals market (aka shopping mall) where you can buy everything from baby clothes to playstations to guinea pig on a stick. we took a taxi to get there which cost three soles, which is about one dollar for a fifteen minute cab ride! oh the would have to be a lot fewer designated drivers back home if cab rides were so cheap!

we´re getting sufficiantly dirty (especially since tina refuses to take cold showers, which i´m petty sure is all they have in peru)

ate some good vegetarian food and now it´s back to the basketball bar!

post script--
the terrible spelling is not our fault. these keyboards were probably in our elementry schools and they don´t work so great!

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