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Dia Uno-- Papa John´s, concrete floors and traffic accidents....

(Wednesday 19 May 2010) by Katie and Tina on the Run!
WOOO! 22 hours of uncolfortable sleeping and we made it!
had a lovely airport lunch with tina´s mom in Miami, got lucky with the emergency row and extra leg room on the long flight to Lima, where. the first thing we did was eat Papa John´s pizza, cheese and all. Goodbye vegan morals! slept in sleepng bags on the airport floor and finally made it to Cusco.

Roberto´s friend Juan picked us up from the airport and we had a hilarious drive up to the Plaza San Blas with our almost complete lack of spanish skills! We´re are feeling exraordinarily glad we aren´t renting a car, as the method of driving here seems to be close your eyes, go really fast ad pray to God no one hits you.
Finally found the apartment we´re staying at and are so excited to have a place to ourselves in the city, though we have banged our heads on the doorways at least a thousand times already, as apparently, compared to peruvian people, we are giants :-|

The Plaza San Blas is the art center of the city, so we´re surrounded by restaurants and shops and loads of people trying to convince us to buy something. We´ve already been told Tina paid too much for a pair of gloves, so i think our order of the afternoon is to learn spansh numbers...not that we understand what anyone is saying anyway! Oh how high school spanish has failed us!....(or is it the eight years since..?¡?¡;-)

The Plaza is up one beautiful and serious hill, and our longs are definitly feeling the 10,000 feet. Here´s where we´d like to give a little shout out to our good ol´Mile High City, as well as the stair stepper machine at 24 Hour Fitness. We couldn´t do this without you.

The plan for the evening is finding some cool folks and cold cervesas to help us beat the jet-lag.

Holy cow we´re in Peru!!

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